Dear Almost Everyone on the Planet,

This morning I stumbled upon a terrific Instagram feed, filled with mouthwatering pictures of all kinds of beauty. It was a design firm and I drooled over the images of their work. Their magic did the trick; I clicked on the link to their website, which was also very cool and visually enchanting. Then I started to read some of the copy — the descriptions of their projects and the bios of the founders, and that's where all the beautifulness ended.

I've had it.

I am so tired of websites filled with a person's great ideas, born of their biggest hopes and dreams; their beautiful products and appealing photographs and ... truly sloppy wording.

The whole thing falls apart when you can't describe in simple, elegant language, who you are and what you do.

The good news is that I can.

And I will do it for you cheaply because I am sick of lousy writing, misspellings, wrong words, too many words! You have a thing, you want the world to buy it or to believe what you believe and you're not really a writer, and that's OK, because I am.

If you have a website and parts of it make you cringe; if you are trying to make a website and you're stuck, I can help. (If you don't have a website and you never will, congratulations, but you probably know someone who does.)

And I will. AND I WANT TO. Your shoddily-written online prose is not impressing anyone. 

Get in touch with me right here @ MY EMAIL ADDRESS.  We can work together. I promise it will be fun.