A Mediocre Student Plus a Heavily Tattooed Minister and a Tall Gay Man Who Has the Same Birthday As Me. As I.

I have a lot to say today, but first I need to go make some coffee. Amuse yourself here for a few minutes.

I brought back some pecan pie, too. I wish you were here right now.

Ok. First, here are the main players in today's post:

A seemingly disparate group of shady-ish characters all connected by something important: me.

Yesterday was mostly a plain old Tuesday, except for the fact that so many freaking beautiful people showed up to prop me up with words (Andrea) and love (Little) and sunshine (God) and actual mail (Marilyn) and humor (Sam). I got a really great photo of two totally grown-up boys I used to babysit (Gary) and the promise of tickets to see Van Morrison in NY in two weeks (you know who you are and let's get on that a-sap). Also, the very same cryptic message of hope from not one, but two people (Jennifer and Thaddeus): keep your eyes wide open


As if that wasn't enough, I got a musical care package from...BEN Niese! Ben is tall and funny and colorful and wise and we were both born on May 19, which means that we are bonded as Wonder Twins until the end of time. That's him up there on the right with his long-time love, Paul. Mr. Ben took the time to make me two mixed cd's filled with incredibly thoughtful, soulful and hilarious musical choices to pack onto my iPhone to take with me to Denver tomorrow to see...

NADIA Bolz-Weber who is a Luthern minister (and also, please note, Ben, a Taurus) who went to the Iliff School of Theology and then started her own church called The House For All Saints and Sinners and who the hell doesn't want to go to a church with a name like that? Nadia is speaking at a breakfast thing at Iliff on Friday and I'm going because I need to get a closer look at this woman. I have some questions about her tattoos and also about what it feels like to be a tall, cowboy-booted, foul-mouthed Christian minister. Stay tuned. Maybe she'll have some advice for me on raising a...

SAM, my firstborn child.

Yesterday Sam and I went to the Mettawee School in Pawlet, Vermont, where he was a student from Kindergarten through sixth grade. It was really funny to see gigantic high school senior him walking through those halls where he was once a little guy. It was definitely an Alice in Wonderland moment. We needed to talk with one of the teachers about our film project and the idea we have for interviewing kids and while we were there we hung out in my good friend, Lauren's, "Reading Room." (It's a closet, people! Get this teacher a real room please!). Just before we left, the conversation turned to high school girls and the things they wear and how beautiful and confident they all seem to be and how we were nothing like that when we were in high school.

Lauren: How do you boys manage to get anything done?
Me: Yea! How on earth can you concentrate with all of that going on around you??

Quiet. Pause.

Sam: I have all C's.

Hellllloooo Wednesday.