A Righteous Path


Nate needed new pants, so we had to go to the horrible mall and on the way there I told him about a store called Glickman's that was on Broadway in Saratoga when I was growing up there and how it was so dark and smelled like old leather and new jeans, and all of the walls were lined with shelves full of Levis and Lees and Wranglers. About how you didn't have to go anywhere else when you needed new pants, and it was extra-great because it was owned by our neighbors. Nate and I wear the same size Levis right now, so it didn't pain me to fork over that much for a few new pairs, knowing they would be coming to me eventually, all worn-in and Natie-ized.

He had a pretend interview at school. Apparently he's taking a class where they learn things about real life. I had a nice chuckle looking at the Safari history on my laptop: "How To Ace the 50 Most Common Interview Questions." He landed an imaginary job as an engineer at General Mills in Colorado. Go Nate!

The bees were out and about yesterday and Sam is skiing today. T'is that season. For sure go and see this film when it comes to a theater near you. Sam may be interning with Teton Gravity Research after he graduates in June.

A righteous path, indeed.