• I looked at Coco after she got out of the car and walked over to the front door of the school. She was wearing bright green socks, the ones that Lu had brought back from Scotland for me. She was wearing my socks.
  • I sat in the car and watched a couple emerge through one of the school doors. He was tall and she had long blonde hair. As they walked away from me, she reached over and gently touched his arm, and, in response, he took her hand in his and they walked that way, hand-in-hand, kid-free, to their car. 
  • We paid for our vegetables at the outdoor market, after church on Sunday, and when the farmer handed me the bag he said, "Please, it would give me great pleasure, please take some of the red potatoes, too."
  • Driving through Vergennes, I glanced over and saw my friend, Julianne, walking beside her mother, Julie, who was pushing Julianne's daughter, Bibi, in her stroller. They looked so happy; they were laughing about something.
  • The bride tried hard to hold back tears, on Saturday, reading her vows to her almost-husband, but it was impossible. There, with her perfect make-up and her perfect hair, she cried perfect tears.
  • My parents went apple picking and when they got back Dad said that he had never seen such red apples. "Why is the crop so great this year?" I asked him, "Did you ask the owners of the orchard why there are so many apples on the trees this year?" "Yes," Dad said, "I did. He said it's because the conditions were good in the spring, and the bees came, lots of bees, and pollinated the trees."

The bees came, the bride cried, the child rifled through my drawers to find the right socks and chose the ones my friend brought all the way back from Scotland. The farmer gave away the fruits of his labor and the mother and daughter and granddaughter enjoyed a beautiful moment in the October morning sun; the husband and wife held hands.

You know the thing about how a watched pot never boils? How you can keep looking at it and looking at it and nothing happens? The opposite is true about God's creation.