Talk Me Day

When Coco was little we did this thing at bedtime called Talk Me Day. Lying in bed together, we would each take a turn and run through the events of the day. Not a lot of embellishments or explanations, just the main stuff, mostly. It was kind of like we were putting the day to rest: all of these things happened today and now we can go to sleep.

We haven't done Talk Me Day in a pretty long time and I miss it, so let's hunker down here together for a few minutes.

Talk Me Day. Monday, May 9, 2016.

I got up. I took Daisy for a walk. It was colder than I expected.

I made some tea and worked on my final exam essays. I went down to my office to grab some things I needed. I stopped at the church and picked up the flowers so I could plant them in larger pots. There was a note from Joy.

Joy and I texted a bit about the bracelet I left her on Sunday, a thing I found many years ago in Philadelphia when I was there visiting my brother while he was in law school at Penn. It has the name, Minnie, engraved on it, and the year, 1906. Also the initials, GG. There are some strange coincidences around that and some things happening in Joy's life right now.

My dad gave me some bad news: Renaud Laplanch, the CEO of LendingClub, was fired because of some shady dealings. My brother, Steve, is part of the legal team at LendingClub in San Francisco and he really liked Renaud. We all felt sad about this news, especially given that Steve's wife's dad was diagnosed with leukemia a few weeks ago. 

Stevie and I texted back and forth for a while. He said he would be looking for a new job. I told him to come back to NY, where they still own an apartment. He said there were no non-law-firm jobs in NY. I could feel how down he was, even from two thousand miles away.

I made some scrambled eggs for lunch then I went north to Charlotte. 

I picked Coco up at school and we went to Hinesburg to get Nate. He was waiting for us in his car in the Senior Parking Lot at CVU.  I thought it was very funny that the seniors get to park closest to the school. It should be the opposite. They should have to park farther and farther away each year so that by the time they're seniors they're ready to leave.

The three of us went to Williston. We got some snacks at Starbucks then we went to Men's Wharehouse to rent a tuxedo for Nate. He decided a few days ago that he's going to the prom, which is this weekend. There were lots of teenage boys there getting tuxedos. A very funny woman named Lisa helped us. She measured Nate and then he tried on a jacket. It was one of the first things I've seen Nate wearing that wasn't a t-shirt or a sweatshirt. He looked so handsome. He chose a very classic tuxedo style: black and white, no fancy nonsense. I could see how much he was enjoying the process. I had one of those Mom moments where you see your son as part kid and part man. 

A friend of Nate's was there and he came over to show us on the chart which tuxedo he had rented. We talked about this for a while, about what his date was wearing. There was a lot of happiness in the room.

Nate drove us back to the Senior Parking Lot so he could get his car and then he went home to study for a test. I took Coco to lacrosse practice. She was going to a baseball game with her best friend, Ellie, after practice; she had a busy evening. I ran into a friend in the parking lot and we talked for a long time. We talked about marriage and dating and women with fake boobs and things we can't tolerate, like incorrect spelling and poor grammar. We laughed a lot.

Nate texted me: "My friend thought you were really nice."

I texted Sam and asked him to join me for dinner. He said he had plans. We made a plan to have dinner together on Tuesday.

I went to Burlington and had dinner with a friend at Sherpa Kitchen. I think the owners are from Nepal. We shared some dumplings and then I had soup. It was delicious. Afterwards my friend walked me to my car and then I watched him ride away on his bike. It made me think of why I love Burlington: Nepalese food and people on bikes.

I got an email from Ben. It said that Paul had gone to the doctor to have his throat checked and that he was going to have some stuff biopsied on May 19. May 19 is Ben's birthday. It's mine, too. Ben and Paul are married. I married them last September. I'm tired of people having to get things biopsied.

I drove home. I ate some Ben & Jerry's ice cream on the way and thought of my friend, Tara, who has about 20 pints of Ben & Jerry's in her freezer in Connecticut. Tara did the Ironman in Hawaii last year. It never occurred to me that she would be an ice cream hoarder. 

I talked with Ben on the phone. He told me that the toaster oven caught fire while he and Paul were telling people about the throat biopsy thing.

A black bear ran in front of my car a little before I got home. At first all I saw was a black blob coming out of the woods, then I slowed way down and watched it lumber across the road. For a while I kept saying, "Wow. Wow. Wow."

Daisy, Minnie, Joy, a final exam, fraud, eggs, tuxedos, lacrosse, fake boobs and Nepalese food. A bicycle, a biopsy, Ben, Ben & Jerry's, a fire. A black bear. 

I love my life. Amen.