This is just a sweet little story and nothing more. It's a good time of year for a sweet, short story.

This story came to mind when my brother, Tom, sent me a photo today of him with our brother, Steve, and Steve's two boys, whom I call Zippy and Seven, in California. It made me very happy to see my brothers together, with my nephews, and I thought about how next month I will be in Alaska with our sister. 

There are four of us O'Briens: two boys as bookends, two girls in the middle.

The photograph reminded me of a very special necklace that I asked the very talented Wendy Baker to make for me three years ago when Tom married Stacey in Woodstock. 

The Seven.

The Seven.

I would stop right here and visit Wendy's page, because her work will make you happy. Her work is spring. It's joyful and colorful and fresh and fun. Everyone should have a Wendy Baker.

Just be sure and come back, because this is a good story. And short.

So the photo reminded me of the necklace that Wendy made for me for the wedding. I officiated at the wedding, so I wanted something special, and it was really fun to work with Wendy to create the piece of art I wore that day.

I asked Wendy to make a necklace, not only because of the wedding, but also because Seven, whose real name is Justin, had just been born.

Justin Silver O'Brien was born on July 1 and weighed 7 pounds and 1 ounce, and he was the 7th boy born to the four O'Brien siblings. As most of you already know, 7 is an auspicious and magical number. Born on 7/1, weighing in at 7lbs., 1 oz, my parents' 7th grandson seemed to have come into this world in blaze of wonderfulness. It was entirely appropriate to have a very special piece of jewelry commissioned for the occasion.

Wendy embedded seven blue charms in the necklace, for Sam, Nate, Connor, Quinn, Lars, Dylan (Zippy) and Justin.

Tommy and Stacey got married on 8.8 because Stacey was a former Powder 8 champion and so Tommy nicknamed her St8cey. Pretty cute.

Sevens and eights. 

Though I never cared much for math when I was in school, the older I have become the more I see the mystery and perfection in numbers. Numbers are graceful, clever, unassuming, and lots of fun to play with. I mentioned in a recent story the hours at which my children were born: 3:38; 4:48 and 5:38.

I mean. Come on.

I know you have curious mathematical stories of your own. Everyone has a favorite number, dates they consider propitious. Don't discount the magic in there, in patterns and codes and systems. There is a divinity in the digits. Don't be afraid to fall in love with numbers.

And, too, please send my darling Seven birthday blessings on 7.1.17.