Let There Be

Good morning friends. Sunday morning, raining and quiet. The tree is up in church, magnificent, tall. The start of both Hanukkah and Advent converge today: light, hope, waiting, patience.

Coco went to the Dominican Republic over Thanksgiving vacation and brought me back a gift: a thermos full of sand from the beach with seven small amethyst shells, “for each of the seven years you have been sober.”

There is so very much to be aware of and grateful for this season, not the least of which is a teenage daughter with compassion, respect and an understanding of the battles we fight in this life and the need to continually celebrate each other and what we accomplish.

Some very nice things are brewing.

I have been alluding to, for a while now, a new publication. After many months of thinking about it and trying to figure out what it should and could be, I have finally arrived at a place that feels right. I will be sharing more about that very soon.

And, too, I am really delighted to be working with the terrific, wonderful, kind and creative folks at State 14 to capture stories and images of this place, Vermont, and the beautiful people who call it home.

Happy birthday this week to my beloved Ellie, her sensational daughter, Piper, and to my fascinating and funny nephew, Dylan, aka Zippy.

Thank you for being a reader.
Let there be light, xomo.