Thus All

I have no idea why I’m compelled to write about this now, but it keeps popping into my head: Not long ago I was looking at Coco’s photos on her phone and she had a screenshot of this line:“Thus all romaine is suspect.”

The line itself is hysterical, with the implication that romaine lettuce was no longer to be trusted (after the recent recall/E.Coli outbreak). The fact that Coco saw the humor in it and saved the sentence brings me infinite glee. I’m so grateful that my kid has a sense of what’s funny because in a world where romaine lettuce has become dangerous, we all need as great a sense of humor as we can muster. Right?


The kids worked hard this evening on our mostly-annual Yule Log. I love it when this happens, the way they divide and conquer in the kitchen; the way they’re all completely competent and always game. I loved watching them make their funny little creatures out of marzipan and I loved seeing their delight in the finished product. None of them have lost that thing, that combination of awe and curiosity and enthusiasm for discovery. The cake this year was not the sturdiest we’ve ever concocted, but I’m certain it will taste delicious with a glass of cold milk, which we plan to do after church on Sunday. I can just see myself up there at the pulpit now, talking about peace and a little baby and Mary and daydreaming of a thick slice of Christmas Yule Log, chocolate with vanilla buttercream and a whole lotta kid love. Ah! The wonders of the season. It all happens so quickly, we open the little windows of the Advent calendar and in the blink of an eye we’re on day 23.


Speaking of logs: I have the proper tools this year to chop and split my firewood. Because I have a good good friend who knows how to properly split wood and he supplied me with the know-how and the implements: maul, wedge and hatchet. I cannot tell you how much satisfaction this has brought me. The hauling, stacking, chopping, splitting, mesmerizing, warming business of using wood to heat up winter in Vermont is particularly enjoyable this year.

Although, of course, it is only December.

Peace on Earth, my dear friends. Goodwill, warm fires and charming Yule Logs to all and stick to locally-grown microgreens whenever possible.