to determine if it's a good idea for me to re-integrate drinking into my life after seven years of sobriety. Seven years ago today I gave it up. And for a while lately I was thinking about maybe having a drink. Glass of white wine with friends. Glass of red wine with steak. Mojito with chips and salsa. Man, how I loved a good mojito in the summertime.

over it.jpg

I was thinking about it, tossing and turning the idea around in my head and off of other people.

Then I went to school, Fordham, for a whole week to take a counseling skills class. All day, every day, with a group of very wise people from all over the world. One afternoon the skill we practiced was the Cost/Benefit Analysis. A simple and elegant way to help one determine if what they're contemplating is a good idea or not.

Here's how many benefits I could come up with when I applied the technique to the question of whether or not to drink again: zero.


"If you were at the edge of the cliff once, and then you worked very hard to step away from the edge of the cliff, why would you do something that might move you back in that direction?" asked my very wise friend, Moussa.

Seven years is a thing. A good thing. For most people who decide to stop drinking, there's a good reason. There was. And there are about a thousand good reasons to not start again.

The math looks like this: 1000 > 0

Raise a glass to me today, if you will. I'm afraid I won't be joining you any time soon. Amen.