We were going down the road, headed out for a bite to eat, Coco and I, and two pigs were out for a walk. No joke. Two pigs walking down the dirt road, sniffing around, headed toward us. We got a huge kick out of it.

“Well, it is the year of the pig,” I said to my lovely daughter.


According to Raymond Lo the Year of the Pig, 2019, is symbolized by two Chinese characters – with Yin earth sitting on top of Pig which is water element. This sounds just like it is: unstable. Be on the lookout for water disasters, including heavy rains and flooding. Raymond also says that The year of earth pig does not have fire element. As fire is air traffic, the total absence of fire will also bring down airplanes.

Yee. Raymond might be on to something there, if you’re a fan of Chinese fortune telling. I’m a snake in the Chinese zodiac and snakes and pigs don’t get along, so tough year ahead for me, it seems.

But man were they ever cute out for a stroll yesterday evening, those pigs.

On the way back from dinner an owl flew in front of our car and landed on a post beside the road. I could probably root around the internet to find the meaning of an owl sighting. If I did I would keep going until I found the one that told me what I want to hear, the good news of an owl. I don’t know if you know this or not, but that crazy internet is loaded with stuff. So much stuff! You really can find pretty much everything your heart has ever desired there. And then some. You never have to be wrong!

Spring, Daisy.

Spring, Daisy.

I digress. So yes, I would want to read something about owls that tells me I’m wise or smart or we’re going to win the lottery on Thursday. Maybe … if you see an owl it means you won’t run out of half & half at breakfast. Something like that. Most def I don’t want the interpretation that says that the owl is the symbol of death. Blech.

I mean, let’s face it, it’s a little curious to encounter things we don’t usually encounter when we’re on our way to and from Archie’s for a cheeseburger. It is, indeed, the year of the pig and planes have, indeed, fallen from the sky recently. Pigs are … I don’t know, what are pigs … they don’t say much, grunt a lot, they’re friendly, they seem good-natured. They’re delicious.

Owls are usually associated with wisdom, also death. They’re gorgeous, stealth. Most of them are nocturnal, so to see one in the light of day is unusual.

Also, it’s the first day of spring and the moon is full.

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Does any of this mean anything? If I want it to, yes. It makes life interesting. And funny. I think everyone, or maybe most everyone, is searching for some kind of meaning on this otherwise strange and surprisingly challenging and very often disappointing and sad ride. I mean, you get on the Life ride and it’s not unlike the ferris wheel at the fair where you’re half terrified and certain you’re going to fall to your death and half shrieking with joy when you realize it’s way more fun that you thought it would be. Plus the view is great at the tippy top.

We’ve got all of those things: pigs, planes falling from the sky, snakes slithering through the grass, water disasters, owls flying by saying “dude, you’re going to die,” or maybe it’s “dude I know you’ve had a hard day, rest your eyes on a pretty owl for a minute.” Will the Year of the Pig be good or bad for me? The Magic 8 Ball says … both! And then life says … look how cute these pigs are, taking their evening stroll! Life is nothing if not relentlessly entertaining.

I don’t know much. I thought I would by now. I think I thought I knew everything when I was like, 25. Probably still when I was 35, but maybe less. I think I was becoming less arrogant by then. I hope, anyway. The funny thing is, and no one tells you this when you’re growing up and expected to get all A’s all the time or when you’re a young adult and expected to be master of your fate, that it’s much better to go through life being curious and humble than thinking you’re right and have the whole thing figured out.

Here is what I do know: it’s the first day of spring. The moon will be full tonight.

Is there much else that matters today?

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Actually, hold on, there is. A special shout-out to Coco.
Coco you rock. You are the rockingest sockingist kid walking planet Earth today. Everything about you is miraculous. Full. Stop.