I can’t actually link the two things, but I would like the record to reflect that before I went to sleep last night I wrote, “I wish Facebook would disappear forever; the world would be an infinitely better place without social media.” I had, earlier, written something similar to my friend, Margaret: “The world would be a better place immediately if Facebook disappeared.”

News outlets are reporting this morning that Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are not working.

I had been reflecting on how much I enjoy walking through the world with my camera, how it gives me entré people’s lives, how I’ve met so many beautiful people just walking around and asking, “Hi, can I take your picture … who are you?” I was lamenting on how the use of social media platforms has actually made us less connected, not more; less present, not more. And so I wished the big wish … that it would all disappear.

So awesome when wishes come true.

Before you get all panicky because you’re disconnected from your pretend life online today, put your nice clothes on and go to church. Seriously. Find a church, wherever you are and go. Also, visit your friends in real life, have a conversation with an actual person, in the flesh. Check in and see how the people you care about are doing, with your actual voice.

Walk down the street and introduce yourself to a stranger. Ask them to tell you their story.

After church, do that. Amen!

This is my church suit.

This is my church suit.